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  • 5 Home Bar Essentials For Effortless Hosting

    If you love hosting and want to spend the bulk of your time enjoying the company of your guests, here are 5 essential bar tools to help you do just that! These 5 essential bar tools not only look great on a bar cart, home bar or on a shelf, their superior quality also makes crafting a cocktail or libation an enjoyable experience.
  • 3 Easy And Refreshing Fruit-Based Drinks To Make At Home

    Fancy a refreshing drink after a long day at work? These 3 easy and refreshing fruit-based drinks will quench your thirst while helping you unwind after a long day or week!
  • Mid Century Modern Glassware Fit For Everyday Use

    Made in America using modern technology, our vintage-style glasses have all the best features of Mid Century glassware while having more modern sensibilities that are relevant to our contemporary lifestyles. Unlike vintage glasses with decal designs that fade over time and are prone to chipping and breaking, our Mid Century Inspired Modern Glassware at The Modern Home Bar is dishwasher-safe and built to last for years. 

  • How To Host An Amazing Vintage-Style Cocktail Party

    In order to pull off a successful vintage-style party at home, it’s important for you to set the scene, have a well stocked bar, and serve up delicious classic cocktails in beautiful glassware that will wow your guests. In this guide, I'm sharing all my best tips for hosting a classic vintage-style cocktail party, 3 cocktail recipes you can use during your party, as well as hosting tips to ensure your vintage-style cocktail party is a blast!
  • 3 Floral Glassware Perfect For Sipping Spring Cocktails

    Love vintage-inspired floral glassware that will last you for a long time and are dishwasher safe? This spring, there are 3 Modern Home Bar floral glassware  that are perfect for sipping refreshing spring cocktails you definitely want to try! It is the perfect way to usher in the new and wonderful season of spring and start anew.
  • 7 Best Collins Glasses For Bubbly Drinks In 2022

    Collins glasses are the perfect glass for enjoying mixed drinks served with club soda, tonic water, ginger beer or other bubbly mixers. Perfect for Tiki cocktails as well as ice cold beer, these glasses can also be used for serving lemonade, ice tea, water or soda! Shop our Collins Glass Sets right here for your next happy hour, or when you entertain next.
  • 5 Best Vintage Inspired Glasses For Classic Cocktails

    The Modern Home Bar’s classic rocks glasses are inspired by classic elements found in vintage items.  We’ve updated these elements, placing them on “blank” rocks glasses, and keeping them relevant to today’s modern lifestyle and how we like to drink. 

    When it comes to classic cocktails such as the Negroni, Old Fashioned and Gimlet, serving them with our Classic Collection glassware is the final finishing touch needed for a complete cocktail experience. We believe a vintage-inspired classic cocktail glass deserves a classic cocktail to bring the experience full circle.

  • Breezeway Rocks & Collins Glasses Collection

    Our Breezeway Rocks glassware collection will help you craft cocktails that will transport you to Palm Springs! Our popular design features bands of block tiles that wrap completely around classic-shaped drinking glasses. Their timeless patterns are inspired by the block tiles in breezeways found throughout the California desert in many mid-century modern homes. 
  • Tiki Time Collection: A Brief Guide On Tiki Glasses

    If you are looking to be whisked to a warmer place without traveling (like so many of us are these days), we suggest you drink a Tiki cocktail out of one of our tropical themed Tiki Time glasses. You’ll feel like you are on vacation without ever leaving home!
  • How to Make a Negroni

    There are a few classic cocktails every home bartender should keep in their back pocket. The Negroni is one of them.  A Negroni is simple to cra...
  • We're Growing Our Collection: Introducing our New Etched Glassware!

    Are you a plant lover like we are?  We love bringing the outdoors in.  And what better way to celebrate your love of nature than through botanica...
  • How to Make an Aperol Spritz

    Learn how to craft a refreshing Aperol Spritz with this easy to follow recipe and video tutorial by The Modern Home Bar!