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  • 3 Floral Glassware Perfect For Sipping Spring Cocktails

    Love vintage-inspired floral glassware that will last you for a long time and are dishwasher safe? This spring, there are 3 Modern Home Bar floral glassware  that are perfect for sipping refreshing spring cocktails you definitely want to try! It is the perfect way to usher in the new and wonderful season of spring and start anew.
  • 5 Best Vintage Inspired Glasses For Classic Cocktails

    The Modern Home Bar’s classic rocks glasses are inspired by classic elements found in vintage items.  We’ve updated these elements, placing them on “blank” rocks glasses, and keeping them relevant to today’s modern lifestyle and how we like to drink. 

    When it comes to classic cocktails such as the Negroni, Old Fashioned and Gimlet, serving them with our Classic Collection glassware is the final finishing touch needed for a complete cocktail experience. We believe a vintage-inspired classic cocktail glass deserves a classic cocktail to bring the experience full circle.