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3 Floral Glassware Perfect For Sipping Spring Cocktails

Are you ready to usher in and celebrate the wonderful season of Spring? For most, springtime is a season of renewal and represents a time for reflection and appreciation for the beauty of nature.

At The Modern Home Bar, we believe it’s the perfect opportunity to break out our Floral collection rocks glasses and put them to use! If you are a nature lover like us, our digitally-printed, vintage-inspired, floral glassware will definitely delight you.

In this guide, we feature 3 Spring cocktails that are perfect to serve in our Red Poppy Rocks, Golden Poppy Rocks and Purple Iris Rocks glasses. 

We believe these cocktails will truly help you experience springtime in a glass! Whether you love nothing more than unwinding with a classic Gin and Tonic, a tart Daiquiri or a refreshing Mojito, enjoying these drinks in glasses from our Floral Collection will have you contemplating the joys of the season.

Gin and Tonic in Golden Poppy Rocks Glass

To set the refreshing tone of the new Spring season, there is nothing more satisfying than crafting and enjoying a classic Gin and Tonic.

With all its effervescent bubbles, it will surely brighten your day and lift up your spirits!  By using a rocks glass, which is smaller in size than the classic collins, the lighter cocktail is one that can be enjoyed anytime during the day. 

The cheerful colors of the golden poppies on our rocks glass makes a good old G&T look even more refreshing and delicious.  And, since we use modern technology to print our designs, you don’t have to worry about the Golden Poppy Rocks glassware fading or chipping over time!

Mid century modern glassware golden poppy rocks

Daiquiri in Red Poppy Rocks Glass

In many cultures, the color red symbolizes vitality, health and vigor. If you love the color red, our floral glassware Red Poppy Rocks is made for you! Our fascination with all things flora led us to create this beautiful design. Inspired by Art Nouveau, we added an extra bit of flourish and whimsy to the growing stems on the poppies making them feel like they are coming to life.

Because the beautiful red color on this rock glass contrasts really well with light colored drinks, we think it’s the perfect glass to enjoy a classic Daiquiri. On top of that, since our floral pattern wraps completely around the glass, you know your Daiquiri will look good from any angle!

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Red poppy rocks floral etched glassware

Classic Mojito in Purple Iris Rocks Glass

Spring is all about rebirth and rejuvenation. As a symbol of hope, it’s not hard to see why the Iris is a much beloved flower. Knowing this, the classic iris design on our Purple Iris Rocks makes it extra meaningful. 

Whether you choose to enjoy a refreshing classic Mojito or another classic cocktail on the rocks, the striking design of our Purple Iris Rocks will definitely elevate your entire drinking experience and help to keep spring on your mind.

Purple iris rocks floral etched glassware

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