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Breezeway Rocks & Collins Glasses Collection

Love sipping on swanky cocktails that transport you to laidback Palm Springs?

Our Breezeway Rocks glassware collection will help you craft cocktails that do just that! Our popular design features bands of block tiles that wrap completely around classic-shaped drinking glasses.

Our timeless pattern is inspired by the block tiles in breezeways found throughout the California desert in many mid-century modern homes. We chose vibrant shades to enliven your entertaining at home. With Frank Sinatra crooning, you and your guests will love sipping perfectly chilled cocktails in our Breezeway glasses while dreaming of the carefree Rat Pack Days.

Breezeway: Our Inspiration

The inspiration for the Breezeway pattern on our glassware is an architectural feature commonly found outside of homes located in warmer climates. As its name suggests, a breezeway is an outdoor hallway or space typically situated between two wings of a larger building that offers shade or helps to protect against the outdoor elements.

Often located between a house and a garage, breezeways remain fairly open structures that offer airflow or a “breeze” as you pass through the space. They are also used as a decorative design element for homes and are produced in a variety of shapes and patterns.

Breezeway in homes

The purpose of a breezeway entrance, window or hallway is to allow the passage of a breeze between structures, and to protect you from the elements as you move from one part of a building to another.

Our Breezeway design replicates this architectural element and reminds us of warm summer days, cool breezes and refreshing cocktails.

Breezeway Rocks Glass Features

Our Breezeway Rocks glasses are digitally printed in the USA, are chip resistant and dishwasher safe. Each holds 11 ounces and measures 31⁄2” tall by 31⁄4” wide.

Perfect for summer sipping, we think this swanky design is one that Sinatra would certainly enjoy, especially if it held a classic Manhattan.


  • ounces rye whiskey
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • 1 dash orange bitters
  • 1 ounce sweet vermouth
  • Garnish: brandied cherry or lemon twist


1. Add the bourbon (or rye), sweet vermouth and both bitters to a mixing glass with ice, and stir until well-chilled.
2. Strain into a chilled coupe.
3. Garnish with a brandied cherry or a lemon twist.

10 New Rocks Glass Designs For Your Home Bar

Whether you enjoy sipping a perfectly chilled cocktail or a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage, our 10 new rocks glasses were designed to inspire you to create beautiful drinks and fun new experiences around your dining table or home bar.

We think our unique, vintage-inspired designs will have your guests commenting on your beautiful libations at your next gathering!

Breezeway Teal Rocks

Breezeway Teal Rocks | Case of 12

Our Breezeway Teal Rocks glasses feature simple teal interlocking square tiles. The glasses scream summertime to us and feel like a vacation in a glass!

Dots And Dashes Black Rocks

Dots and Dashes Black Rocks Glasses

Our Dots and Dashes Black Rocks glasses feature black vertical panels with oval cutouts lined in golden yellow and white. These mod glasses are great for serving Tiki drinks! 

Dots And Dashes White Rocks

Dots and Dashes White Rocks

Our Dots and Dashes White Rocks glasses feature white vertical panels with oval cutouts lined in golden yellow and black. These mod glasses are also great for serving Tiki drinks!

Golden Poppy Rocks  

Golden Poppy Rocks

When it comes to design, we adore Art Nouveau. We also love flowers, especially poppies. We decided to combine these two elements and created our Golden Poppy Rocks glasses. California dreaming is always at hand with this glass!

Hypnotic White Diamond Rocks

Hypnotic White Diamond Rocks

Inspired by mid-century infinity art, our Hypnotic White Diamond Rocks glasses feature a band of white nested square diamond lines offset by blue inverted and nested half square diamond lines.

Because of the fine geometric line design, these mod glasses feel great in the hand.

Lapis Waves Rocks

Lapis Waves Rocks Glass

We found our inspiration for our Lapis Waves Rocks glass in vintage Japanese waves artwork. These glasses feature blue block waves with cascading internal lines and peek-a-boo holes. Because of the fine geometric line work, these mod glasses also feel great in the hand!

Purple Iris Rocks

Purple Iris Rocks

It’s not only poppies that we adore, but irises too! Similar to our Golden Poppy Rocks glass, we designed our colorful Purple Iris Rocks pattern with an Art Nouveau flourish.


Red Poppy Rocks

Red Poppy Rocks 

We loved our Golden Poppy Rocks glass so much that we designed one in red too! Our Red Poppy Rocks glass also mixes well with our purple and white iris patterns. Springtime entertaining never looked so good!


Spellbound White Rocks

Our Spellbound White Rocks glass features two touching bands of inverted and nested half circle white lines. The pattern forms a series of peek-a-book flared diamond spaces in the center of the glass that will show off your drink. Your guests will certainly be spellbound as they sip out of these fun and mesmerizing glasses!

Yappy Hour Rocks

 Yappy Hour Rocks

Designed with dog lovers in mind, our Yappy Hour Rocks glass features black silhouettes of dogs walking on their leashes. Inspired by a 1930s vintage Art Deco cocktail tray with a similar design, our version will have your guests smiling with every sip!