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5 Best Vintage Inspired Glasses For Classic Cocktails

Our love for vintage glassware led us to create our classic line of vintage-inspired rocks glasses.

Each of our designs comes with its own unique story.  We believe our glasses will take you back in time, helping you reminisce about your own good old days, and doing wonders for your mental health.

During these unique times were working from home is becoming the norm, a clear lack of boundaries exists between work and leisure. We understand the importance of kicking back and enjoying yourself at the end of the day and there's no better way to do that than sipping your favorite beverage from one of our classic rocks glasses.

Whether you’re a budding home bartender or a serious cocktail enthusiast, we believe these 5 vintage-inspired glasses are sure to enhance your cocktail experience and bring you a bit more joy at home.

5 Classic Cocktails To Enjoy In Vintage Inspired Classic Glassware

The Modern Home Bar’s classic rocks glasses are inspired by classic elements found in vintage items.  We’ve updated these elements, placing them on “blank” rocks glasses, and keeping them relevant to today’s modern lifestyle and how we like to drink. 

When it comes to classic cocktails such as the Negroni, Old Fashioned and Gimlet, serving them with our Classic Collection glassware is the final finishing touch needed for a complete cocktail experience. We believe a vintage-inspired classic cocktail glass deserves a classic cocktail to bring the experience full circle.

Designed in black and white, our patterns include peek-a-boos, twirling details, and stately finishes. We love bringing the stories behind each one of these glasses to the present, helping to remind us of our own journey through life.

1. Filigree Nouveau Rocks - Old Fashioned

If you prefer a sophisticated cocktail look, our Filigree Nouveau Rocks glass is a great choice.

We found our inspiration for this design in a rare 1920s Art Nouveau silver overlay cocktail set. We updated the pattern with a frosted finish and placed it on a rocks glass that is more suitable for today’s modern lifestyle. We believe our Filigree Nouveau Rocks glasses gives an elegant nod to classic cocktails such as  the Old Fashioned

Filigree Nouveau

2. Yappy Hour Rocks - Aperol Gin Cocktail

Dog lovers’ hearts will leap for joy when sipping out of our Yappy Hour Rocks glasses!  In creating this design, we were inspired by a 1930s Art Deco cocktail tray that featured black silhouettes of dogs walking on their leashes. Classic cocktails are truly striking when served in our Yappy Hour Rocks glasses.

Better yet, get yourself several sets of our Yappy Hour vintage-inspired rocks glasses and enjoy an Aperol Gin Cocktail with your friends at your next yappy hour get together!

    Yappy Hour Rocks Classic Glassware

    3. Iron Gate Rocks - Daiquiri Classic Cocktail

    We believe our Iron Gate Rocks glass design is one of our most handsome and classic designs. We drew the inspiration for this classic pattern from a centuries old gate near Independence Square in Philadelphia. This solid black classic American pattern makes a strong statement that enhances all craft cocktails, especially a classic Daiquiri.  

      Get the Daiquiri recipe shown in this Iron Gate Rocks glass here.

      Iron Gate Rocks

      4. Sword Play Double Old Fashioned - Aperol Spritz

      Our vintage inspired Sword Play Double Old Fashioned glasses are designed with oscillating black and white ovals and modern shaped swords. If you love all things medieval and knights, or are simply a fan of chess, you'll definitely want to add these glasses to your home bar. It's the perfect glass to enjoy a refreshing Grapefruit Aperol Spritz cocktail.

      Sword Play Double Old Fashioned

      The slope-sided double old fashioned glasses are also great space savers due to their stacking ability! 

      5. I Spy A Coupe Rocks - Gimlet

      If you love a vintage stemmed coupe glass but like your cocktails on the rocks, you’ll love our I Spy a Coupe Rocks glass that features a cutout of this classic glass style. We found the inspiration for our whimsical glass design on a 1930s cloth cocktail napkin with a similar Art Deco motif.

      Gimlet Cocktail I Spy A Coupe Rocks


      Peek-a-boo designs are a hallmark of The Modern Home Bar and can be found on many of our designs.

      Get the full Gimlet recipe that goes perfectly well in this I Spy A Coupe Rocks glass here.