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7 Best Collins Glasses For Bubbly Drinks In 2022

Using the correct cocktail glass when serving drinks makes for a better drinking experience overall. This is true for almost all cocktails, especially tall bubbly ones.

Collins glasses have a tall and slender look and are desirable to use when it comes to serving chilled, bubbly drinks.  When compared with Highball glasses, Collins glasses tend to be higher and a bit more narrow, typically holding between a healthy 10 oz. and 16 oz. 

If you're a non-professional bartender, you might think that Collins glasses and highball glasses are interchangeable.

In fact, there are subtle differences between the two. Highball glasses are better suited for drinks that are made of ice and a single spirit and mixer; Collins glasses are usually served in drinks that require a lot of ice or have many ingredients.

If you're looking to enhance your cocktail mixing and entertaining skills, consider these 7 best Collins glasses to add to your modern home bar in 2022.

Collins Glasses: A Brief Introduction

How did the Collins glass get its name?

Some argue that the glass was named after the popular drink of the same name, the Tom Collins or its predecessor the John Collins.  In reality, the tall shape of the glass existed long before the creation of those cocktails and was actually a variety of a highball glass.  The glass likely earned its noted name when the Tom Collins cocktail became a popular drink.  The drink was first published in Harry Johnson’s 1882 book, New and Improved Bartender’s Manual or How to Mix Drinks of the Present Style.  The Collins glass became the popular glass to serve this late 19th Century cocktail because of its distinctively narrow and tall design. 

The practical reason for the tall and slender shape of the Collins glass is to prevent spills when finishing the last drops of your drink. While the Collins glass is usually used when serving a Tom Collins or one of its variations, most cocktail lovers will argue that the Collins glass is also perfectly suited for any cocktail that can be served in a standard Highball glass. The preference is yours!

We think that Collins glasses are the perfect glass for enjoying mixed drinks served with club soda, tonic water, ginger beer or other bubbly mixers. They are great to use when serving tall Tiki cocktails as well as ice cold beer, sparkling juices, carbonated water and even sodas!

7 Best Collins Glasses You Need For Your Home Bar

1. Dots and Dashes White Collins

Inspired by Mid Century Modern designs, our Dots & Dashes White Collins glasses feature white panels with cutouts lined in golden yellow and black.  These mod glasses remind us of Morse Code, full of dots and dashes! 

Our Dots & Dashes White Collins holds 16 oz. and measures 6 1/4” tall by 2 7/8” wide. 

*All of our Collins Glass Sets includes 4 glasses.

Dots and Dashes White Collins Glass

2. White Iris Collins

We love the flourish of Art Nouveau designs!  Our White Iris Collins glass combines one of our style passions with our passion for flowers.  We believe our gorgeous White Iris design is the perfect backdrop for fruity, bubbly cocktails and can be used year-round. 

Our White Iris Collins holds 16 oz. and measures 6 1/4” tall by 2 7/8” wide.  

White Iris Collins Glass

3. Partial Eclipse of the Collins

We are always looking for unusual and interesting patterns to place on our glassware.  Our interest in celestial objects led us to designing a glass pattern that revolved around the solar phenomenon of a partial eclipse.  Since a partial eclipse always captures our attention, we thought it would capture the attention of anyone sipping a drink from such an interesting glass!

Our version features a delightful peek-a-boo pattern that will show off any cocktail. Whether it is serving a classic cocktail like a simple Campari and Soda or Gin and Tonic, this stunning Collins glass will lead to flawless entertaining.

Our Partial Eclipse of the Collins highball holds 16 oz., measures 6 1/4” tall by 2 7/8” wide


Partial Eclipse Of The Collins Glass

4. Tiki Time Collins(Blue/Yellow)

Sipping cocktails in our Tiki Time Collins is nothing short of a vacation in a glass! 

Our Tiki Time Collins glass is designed with a modern blue, green and white tiki-style pattern. This funky island-themed glass holds 16 oz. and measures 6 1/4" tall by 2 7/8" wide.  Set includes 4 glasses. 

Tiki Time Collins


For more Tiki inspiration, check out our Brief Guide On Tiki Glasses

5. Gin 'n Atomic Collins

Your Happy Hour will look more cheerful when serving refreshing drinks in our Gin 'n Atomic Collins glasses!  These glasses are great to use in casual backyard settings, for neighborly get-togethers, and even for festive occasions.

Named after one of our year-round favorite cocktails, our Gin ‘n Atomic Collins glass draws its round starburst inspiration from celestial designs of the atomic age. 

We know this cheerful starburst pattern, in shades of blue, orange and yellow, will bring a smile to your face with every sip. Our Gin ‘n Atomic Collins holds 16 oz., measures 6 1/4” tall by 2 7/8” wide.  Set includes 4 glasses. 

Gin n Atomic Collins


6. Hext Me Collins

Our Hext Me Collins is our take on playful bubbles rising in tall drinks.

We transformed ordinary bubbles into stylized hexagons of blue and orange and designed our bubbles to entice you to put down your phone and “hext” yourself a drink!

Hext Me Collins Glasses

7. Breezeway Coral Collins

Last but not least, our Breezeway Coral Collins glasses feature simple coral circles centered in coral square tiles.  Inspired by breezeways used in Mid Century Modern homes, the glasses scream summertime to us and remind us of Palm Springs and desert entertaining.


Breezeway Coral Collins


For more background on our Breezeway design inspiration, see our article on our Breezeway Rocks & Collins Glasses Collection