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5 Home Bar Essentials For Effortless Hosting

Whether you are hosting a cocktail party, an intimate shindig with friends and family or catering an event, having the right bar tools takes the guesswork and stress out of juggling many things at once.

As a host, I enjoy spending time with my guests, not messing around trying to find the tools I need to craft a drink for a friend. In this guide, I am sharing 5 essential home bar tools that include beautiful glassware I love to use for effortless hosting and entertaining. 

These bar tools not only look great on a bar cart, home bar or on a shelf, their superior quality also makes crafting a cocktail or libation an enjoyable experience. 

5 Essential Home Bar Tools For Effortless Hosting and Entertaining

1. Copper Cocktail Conical Shaker

Copper Conical Shaker

This 100% reclaimed and handmade copper shaker is the answer to my hosting needs! Inspired by a vintage shaker from the 1920s, The Modern Home Bar Conical Shaker has a unique shape that makes it easy to hold and shake. Simply shake, strain and pour with this beautiful and classic piece.  If you are on the go, the top can also be used as a serving cup!

2. The Modern Home Bar Prohibition Penguin Jigger

The Modern Home Bar Prohibition Penguin Jigger

If you want to add a little bit of whimsy to your home bar, our penguin top jigger is a home bar essential you need. Penguins were a common theme in barware and glassware during the 1920s and were the inspiration behind our design. 

This new small batch satin finish pewter jigger is made in America and is the first bar tool we designed at The Modern Home Bar. The penguin topped graduated dome jigger measures increments of 0.5, 1 and 1.5 ounces. 

3. The Modern Home Bar Copper Swirl Muddler/Bar Spoon

No home bar is complete without a bar spoon and muddler for stirring and mixing cocktails.  With our solid Copper Swirl Muddler/Bar Spoon, you get both tools in one!  You will be crafting cocktails with flair and confidence whenever you are entertaining and hosting.

Based on an Art Deco design, this Copper Swirl Muddler/Bar Spoon is handmade from 100% reclaimed copper and is 11 1/2" long.

Copper Swirl Bar Spoon

4. Anchors Aweigh Rocks Glasses

Anchors Aweigh Rocks Glass

This set of 4 new Anchors Aweigh rocks glasses are made in the USA, and  inspired by a mid-century design. If you already own plenty of vintage glassware, you can easily mix and match our modern mid-century glassware however you please.

Adorned with the classic nautical symbol in blue, this glass belongs in every good seafarer’s home bar!  Our dishwasher safe rocks glasses make presenting cocktails a breeze at any event or party you host. The sturdy rock glasses are also chip resistant, which makes them a great investment if you plan to host and entertain for years to come.

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5.Spellbound White Rocks

Having beautiful glassware is key to the success of effortless hosting, as your guests will definitely be impressed by your impeccable presentation. 

The patterns on our unique Spellbound White Rocks glasses feature a series of peek-a-boo flared diamond spaces in the center of the glass to show off your drink, which definitely makes any drink instantly taste better. 

Spellbound White Rocks


Because of the fine geometric line design, the mod glasses feel great in the hand.  Our Spellbound White Rocks glass holds 11 oz. and measures 3 1/2” tall by 3 1/4” wide.  Set includes 4 glasses.