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We're Growing Our Collection: Introducing our New Etched Glassware!

Highball Etched Glassware Philodendron Botanical The Modern Home Bar

Are you a plant lover like we are?  We love bringing the outdoors in.  And what better way to celebrate your love of nature than through botanical inspired glassware? 

Just a few days ago, we received the first shipment of our brand new etched glassware line. The modern tapered highball glass you see above is etched with philodendrons wrapping around its base. We are over-the-moon in love with the texture and subtlety of the etched leaves on this glass! 

Our inspiration for this beautiful new glass design is vintage in nature. As we have mentioned before, Victoria constantly adds glassware to her curated vintage collection, including designs by one of the few female glassware designers in the Mid Century, Dorothy Thorpe. Thorpe designed and produced her own line of botanical glassware inspired by her time spent in Hawaii during the 1940s. We are big fans of Thorpe's work and wanted to create our own botanically inspired pieces on new modern glassware.  Finding great modern glasses to design on proved difficult.  We traveled to 41 Madison in New York (a building that houses permanent showrooms for glass manufacturers from around the world) to research the latest glassware designs at their Table Top tradeshow.  We combed through 29 floors and found a few companies we hope to work with in the future, but still had not found the right glass for our new philodendron design. 

Several weeks later we followed a lead and visited a U.S. distributor of glassware located not far from our headquarters. As we toured its showroom, we passed by a sleek, modern beautifully tapered glass that we realized was the perfect glass on which to etch our philodendron design.  Better yet, the company has production facilities to etch glassware here in the U.S.  For us, this was the icing on the cake as this glass can now carry the Made in America label!