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With a nod to the past, every piece of barware and glassware The Modern Home Bar designs continues the American tradition of crafting extraordinary cocktail wares.


Purple and White Irises Cocktail Glasses

Purple and White Irises Rocks and Collins 

Sword Fight

Sword Play Collins and Double Old Fashioned

Dandelion Glass

Just Dandy Collins

Ribbon Dance Blue and Green Double Old Fashioneds

Tiki Collins

Tiki Time Yellow/Orange and Blue/Green Collins

Holiday Glassware

Sweater Weather and Let It Snow Rocks and Collins

Holiday Glassware

Jaw Droppers Collins, Deck the Halls Rocks, Reindeer Games Rocks, Let it Snow Rocks, He Sees You When You're Drinking Rocks, Let's Hang Rocks, and Tree-Angles Collins

Breezeway Coral, Yellow, Teal and White Rocks

Red and Golden Poppies Rocks and Collins

Double Old Fashioned Glassware

Pick Me Blue/Green, Square Peg Orange/Pink, Pick Me Orange/Pink, and Square Peg Blue/Green Old Fashioneds

Political Glassware

What's "Right" to Drink and What's "Left" to Drink Rocks

Copper Swirl Muddler Bar Spoon, Copper Conical Shaker, and Copper Bird Mixing Pitcher

Silver Plate Swirl Muddler Bar Spoon, Silver Plate Conical Shaker, and Silver Plate Bird Mixing Pitcher

Breezeway Teal and Coral Collins and Rocks

Breezeway Yellow and White Collins and Rocks

Shangri-La Hi, Shangri-La Lo, Deco Diamonds Lo, Deco Diamonds Hi, Shangri-la and Hop Art Lowballs, Highballs and Beer Glasses

Anchors Aweigh, Gone Fishin', Helm or High Water, and Seahorsing Around Rocks

I Spy a Coupe, Iron Gate, Filigree Nouveau, and Yappy Hour Rocks

Hext Me, Partial Eclipse Rocks, Gin 'n Atomic Collins, and Partial Eclipse Collins